Ken Wood


       Well here goes, I'm writing my bio the way I want. Thing is, I don't care about a music career. I just love music and creating it. Writing songs has been, and still is, fun and exciting to me. That doesn't mean I don't love performing, though. Sometimes nothing feels better than playing live and a guitar lead just flowing out. You know that it is going great when the sound is low and people sigh then when it builds they scream. Then some guy starts shouting  and passes out.  But when the song comes together and it all flows, that is the greatest feeling.  


    Creating this web site is like my bucket list to complete the recording and publishing of my music. I would have a hard time doing this by myself and I feel very blessed for the people helping me accomplish it. The song Bakersfield Boys was written and recorded in 2014. I have other songs in the process of recording and some finished. I do not write songs to fit a style. It is more like they come to me and I try my best to keep them true to conception.  I am a recording artist free to create from the soul. That being said I also want people to find what they like so I try to keep the songs of the same style together. With the exception of the Rubber Skull album - it has quite a variety.   

       I want to say sorry to all the people who want a lot of interaction. I am looking for someone to handle the media end of all of this but it is just me now. I love people and love to interact but as it says in the Bakersfield Boys song I do have seven children and that takes a lot of time. When I get on the computer I just wish I was playing, singing and writing a new song instead so I wind up neglecting it.