by Ken Wood

Released 1997
London Time Records
Released 1997
London Time Records
Timeless music that rocks. From hard blues to The Future. What Ever I Wanna Say has more political meaning today than ever.
On the twelve tunes that comprise the album, Wood and company mix up a healthy dose of progressive rock, heavy metal and blues within the sixty minute disc. It spotlights Wood's flashy guitar playing and vocals. Wood's singing at times sounds like a subdued Jim Morrison. But the band is ultimately at it's best when the boys let loose with heavy metal intensity, on tunes like "Cheater" and " Iron Horsemen."
The title track on "Whatever I Wanna Say" is something Wood calls "One of those tired of working for nothing songs."
"Taught to believe in liberty and the freedom of one / But bit by bit, piece by piece, we soon will have none" (from "What Ever I Wanna Say").
That largely anti-government sentiment is based in Woods working-class upbringing.
"That song comes from being an independent businessman and having to deal with all the crap that's going on in the United States," Wood explained.
"It's like whatever I wanna say is my freedom of speech... but what good is it doing us?"
But the guys of Rubber Skull aren't out to spew political messages. "We just want to rock," said McCay.
By Chris Page, Bakersfield Californian staff writer